Saturday, May 8, 2010

Change We Never Should Have Believed In

More news about the Obama Administration for "liberals" and "conservatives" alike to ignore completely. After all, the Neo-Con right wingers are too busy attacking Obama for ridiculous, racist and made up reasons, while "liberals" must spend all of their time defending Obama from said ridiculous attacks. Where is the reporting on Obama's policies? To watch the news on any mainstream outlet in America these days, any viewer could easily walk away with the impression that the USA was not at war with anyone, and that the only problem if you are a democrat is the republicans, and the only problem if you're a republican is the democrats, and let's make sure we all keep hating each other forever. Yes, let's continue twisting in this deepening whirlpool of us vs. them, and also make sure to never actually discuss any relevant issues or look at anything from a non-emotional and factual perspective. No, pick your network and defend it. Pick your political group and defend that, too.

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