Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Like Politicians, The Networks Pretend to be Enemies

Anyone who takes a careful look at the majority of US politicians can clearly see that there are virtually no differences between the Democrat and Republican parties. How often has the average American heard someone say, or said themselves, things like "they're all crooks" and "they're all looking out for themselves" whenever the subject of politics comes up? Expressions like these are almost as common as "have a nice day" or "take care". It is natural for Americans to look at all politicians with, at the very least, a slight degree of mistrust.

Given this, how does a person determine where they stand politically? Since there are only two major political parties in the US, the majority of people determine their own political affiliation by deciding which of these two best represents their own views on issues that are important to them. Once one of the two is decided on, politics is treated by many exactly as if it were competitive team sports; if my team does something wrong, I downplay it. If the opposing team does something wrong, I make as big a deal out of it as possible. Some people stick with their side and form political opinions based on headlines and the news station of their choice. Others do not even bother to try and inform themselves, and just stick with the side they have chosen because that's the side they have chosen, and they have a lot of better things to do than pay attention to politics, which is completely understandable.

The problem is that the two political groups are not two sports teams battling against each other; they are much more like two mafia familes. They may shoot at each other occaisionally, but they are all in the business of keeping the card game running no matter what; they are all criminals. There is no "good" Republican side or "bad" Democrat side, or vice-versa.

When it comes to TV news, the average viewer will determine which network they watch based on their political affiliation, Fox for the "conservative" viewer (although it should be pointed out that Fox is not "conservative" in any way, and is actually just a platform for advancing Neo-Conservative opinions and agendas, often through the use of propoganda) and NBC for the "liberal" viewer. I try to watch as little of any of this useless garbage as possible, but I also believe that NBC provides more actual news than FOX does, whatever that's worth. However, anyone can see that NBC's programming is clearly meant for "liberal" viewers, and that their reporting promotes a left-wing agenda.

These two networks keep the political "my team vs. your team" mentality fluctuating among Americans, all while (intentionally) taking everyone's eyes off the real problem, which is that almost the entire group is made up of criminals. The politicians are criminals, and so are the networks that report on them, who give nothing but useless cement-mixer liberal vs. conservative dog shit and practically no actual news. Are the politicians and the networks in bed with each other? How could they not be? They have the exact same agenda; DISTRACT from the real problems with BULLSHIT! The sports team from my area is superior to the sports team from your area!!!

Recently, I read a brief article about News Corp., the company that owns Fox News, expressing interest in buying a stake in NBC Universal. To make another sports analogy, isn't this similar to Hank Steinbrenner attempting to purchase a piece of the Boston Red Sox? A sentence from the article says "Any potential purchase involving News Corp. would likely draw scrutiny from federal regulators, as the company is the owner of the Fox television network." That's right, it will "likely" draw scrutiny from regulators, by what if it didn't? Isn't Rupert Murdoch the type of guy who has the money, power and influence to cause scrutiny to be directed away from his business dealings? I would say yes!

Let's say hypothetically that News Corp. purchases a portion of NBC Universal. Would that change how NBC viewers see the network? Maybe for a few, but the majority would ignore the story or just brush it off, and continue supporting their "team" and the news station they believe shows their perspective, in spite of direct evidence that they are in business together. This type of thing could never happen in professional sports! But it is happening with something that should be much more important, the sources where many Americans get their news and information. Unfortunately, there is very little news or information to be found on FOX or NBC.

More on this later, thanks for reading.

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