Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama Fatigue

The average person who voted for Obama is not willing to believe the possibility that he is involved in many of the things that Bush was called "evil" for doing. If you continue (and in some cases expand) "evil" policies, what does that make you?

The problem is people who were actually paying attention to what Bush did from 2000-2008 are so incredibly fatigued from the experience that they will not allow themselves to stay in this same mindset with regard to how they view Obama; and this fatigue (which was temporarliy relieved for many people when Obama was elected) will remain in the mind of any person who bothers to notice what Obama is doing with regard to maintaining and expanding many of the policies set in place by the Bush administration.

This is why "left-wing" types are attacking the "right-wing" types, who are attacking Obama for all the wrong reasons. It's not hard to figure out why the "right-wingers" do this. If they attacked Obama for continuing all of the horrible policies of the Bush administration that they gushed over from 2000-2008, they'd look kinda silly. Instead they bait left-wing types with ridiculous comments that are often racist, closed-minded, and/or don't even make sense to anyone. This gives their enemies the "left" plenty of ammunition to attack them with for looking foolish. Meanwhile, no one in this huge group of "left" and "right" bothers to look at Obama's policies from a factual and non-emotional perspective, because this type of thinking would force them to jump right back in to the same feeling of fatigue they felt during the Bush administration.

I completely understand why people do this, and I do it myself. The problem is, THAT SHIT AIN'T THE TRUTH. Why do we still have the Patriot Act? What about ending the Iraq war? What about CHANGE??? What about closing Gitmo? Why did Obama vote for the FISA bill? FUCK!!!!!! One of the most frustrating things is that NO ONE on either side ever talks about these issues unless it is done for the sake of supporting an attack on someone from the other side, not for the sake of actually discussing the issue itself.

A good collection of articles if you are interested in knowing the details of how Obama has kept the illegal un-American policies of the Bush administration in place:

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