Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Text Messaging about the Beer Summit

Most of you reading this probably recall the "Beer Summit" President Obama held at the White House following the unfortunate incident where Harvard professor Henry Louis "Skip" Gates Jr. was arrested at his own house by Cambridge, MA, police. Needless to say, this incident offered many opportunities for humorous pokes at Obama, Gates, and the Cambridge Police. The funniest take I have seen so far was from an intro skit to the Bill Maher show on HBO called "Old Barackee".

To date, I believe I have watched the video of this skit approx. 734 times. For some reason I find it to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. While enjoying time between a recording session over the weekend (Sept.26-28, 2009), myself and 2 friends were looking to "lighten the mood" after watching online videos of the protests at the G20 Summit. (These videos do not exist, by the way.) I suggested a viewing of "Old Barackee", which one of my friends had not seen yet. We watched the video and enjoyed a laughter session that was up there with the all-time greats.

In addition, my friend Mike and I saw the same opportunity for jokes about the "Beer Summit" that Maher's writers had acted on so well. The joke-trading via text went as follows:

July 31 8:08 PM drh
beer summit ends flat.
July 31 8:02 PM drh
beer summit ends with a clean finish.
July 31 6:25 PM drh
beer summit beechwood aged.
July 31 6:22 PM mike
Tensions bubble to the surface.
July 31 6:21 PM drh
beer summit causes racial issues to ferment.
July 31 10:51 AM drh
Yeast we can.
July 31 10:44 AM drh
July 31 10:43 AM mike
White Haus.
July 31 10:39 AM mike
Henry Brewis Grapes.
July 31 10:36 AM drh
the audacity of hops.
July 31 10:34 AM mike
Draughts of my father.
July 30 9:09 PM drh
Gates tapped from this experience.
July 30 8:36 PM drh
Gates arrested once in a blue moon.
July 30 8:28 PM drh
Gates frosty.

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