Monday, May 17, 2010

Emails To Companies: Part 2

Dear Everest Institute:

I am writing to ask you a question about your latest commercial, featuring the same hip black guy we have seen in a previous ad, who wears his hat(s) cocked to the side and seems to be trying to belittle people into getting an education from Everest. Indeed, we have seen this guy express what can fairly be called genuine frustration with the people he is addressing, as we listen to him throw jabs at watching too much television, talking on a cell phone too often, and people who make easy things difficult. 

In the latest ad, we see a series of  ten or so head shots of this guy, with each shot showing him wearing a different baseball cap. As in the last ad, he wears the hat(s) cocked to the side. However, in every shot throughout the ad his hat is cocked to his right, except for one. Just wondering, was this a conscious editing decision or just a coincidence? Perhaps he just normally wears the hat cocked to the right, and decided to switch his hat over to the left for 1 shot to change things up a bit? I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.


dr. holmes  

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