Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Senator is a Neo-Conservative Republican

Fantastic! In the meantime, stock in Martha Coakley's political career has taken a "Black Friday" level downslide. No politician should ever assume that they don't have to campaign, particularly in areas where people can be convinced that you are not as good as the alternative. What role did hatred for Obama (race-based or otherwise) play in causing this to happen? And did the fact that Obama is proving himself to be little more than a more extreme version of Bush/Cheney actually help the Republican candidate? I know I've given up on both parties; does that make me an "Independent" by default? Independents are the ones who made this election happen. Whether you are happy about this election or not, at the very least it proves that people can still wage a successful grassroots campaign. People who are unhappy with Obama (for racial reasons, or for the continuation of Bush policy, and you probably won't find many people who hate him for both) wanted to vote for someone who didn't seem like as much of a shrill, unlikable, and overly-cocksure candidate as the one the Democrats (the party of Obama) were offering.

Where does this go? Our new Senator is pro-choice; am I wrong to assume he could never be the Republican candidate for President? It sounds like a joke, but right now this guy it the best thing the G.O.P. has. This doesn't say anywhere near as much about him as it does about the horrible state of the Republican party. I don't want to mention her name, but a certain *u** *u** who isn't intellectually qualified to be a crossing guard is still the #1 choice in the minds of Neo-Cons everywhere, and a runner-up choice doesn't seem to even be on the map. I think work has most likely already begun on handling questions during the potential post-Senatorial period, where the former Senator explains, in true Mormon fashion, how he used to be for it and now he's against it, and how he also reserves the right to return back to the previously held opinion should circumstances call for it.

Paul Joseph Watson writes that the victory was due to "51% of Independents who are now the majority in the state." And, why are "Independents" the majority here? Because, like me, they have COMPLETELY GIVEN UP ON BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES, and with good reason. Because both political parties are made up of (for the most part) completely useless do-nothing F****** A******* who only care about themselves and whatever particular agenda they happen to be advancing. When you don't have any faith whatsoever in either politicial party, you have 2 choices, 1 is to completely ignore politics (reccomended for short-term sanity, and the cause of low voter turnout in many areas of the state) or 2) be an "Independent" by default. The next step? Hope for a real Independent candidate, one who really represents the Independent majority, rather than one who many voted for out of spite and loathing of all things typical politician.

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