Monday, November 23, 2009

My Brain: Unable To Add Another Massive Conspiracy to The Group

At this point, I am not willing to delve into trying to figure out whether there is any sort of conspiracy going on with regard to global warming, and what we are told is the "truth" about it, and what isn't. My brain cannot take it; I have read so much, and watched so many hours of video, in an attempt to find answers to questions I want to know the answers to about other conspiracies, that I do not have any more time and space to devote to this subject in addition.

My "liberal" friends tend to get very irritated when the IDEA of asking questions about the conclusions made about global warming, and the information we have been given about it by Al Gore and others, is even brought up. I find it hard to believe that all of the pollution that humans have produced on earth is not damaging the environment. However, I also believe that to reach an important conclusion, a person should, if possible, find out for themselves what the truth is, rather than accepting someone else's opinion (expert or not) and smearing anyone else who questions it.

The problem is, I am not willing to try and figure out what the truth is about global warming at this point. I am too busy trying to figure out the truth about so many other issues that I have already devoted a lot of time to. I can't give up on those right now, and because there are only so many you can work on at once, the global warming debate has to be put on hold.

Check out the leaked CRU emails which, if genuine, undoubtedly show that anything which did not conform completely to the 1 version of the warming question was immediately dismissed and smeared. This is almost the exact opposite of what science is supposed to be about. Every scientist should be heard from, not just the ones who support a pre-determined conclusion. If science is on your side, and you have the right answer, debate should be encouraged as it will strengthen your case and make the other side look weaker. Smear tactics and immidiate dismissal of anyone who questions anything was a staple technique of the Bush Administration, who equated debate and criticism to terrorism or worse. The exact same type of fearful, strike-first and smear later attitude is seen in these emails. Not good.

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