Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama in Massive Cover-Up of Bush Administration Cover-Up

Excellent article about how Obama is morphing into a newer, more extreme version of George Bush. Just to get this straight, Obama has not merely made efforts to cover up the crimes of the Bush administration, in an effort to hold them completely unaccountable; he has completely embraced their policies as his own, and expanded them. The public's response? Well, the "right" continues to attack Obama for reasons that get more and more ridiculous and difficult to understand by the day. And, as usual, the "left" occupies all of their time pointing out and analyzing these ridiculous attacks. All while the majority of both of these groups continues to ignore what Obama is actually doing. Discussing what Obama is actually doing, and criticizing it objectively, may get a person branded a "conspiracy theorist", if for no other reason than the fact that finding an objective discussion of what Obama is actually doing with regard to Bush Administration policy is as rare in the news media as a segment on UFO's or the JFK assassination.

How long can I complain about this 1 issue? My problem with it is that is seems so obvious that we should not treat politics like sports and should focus on each issue, one at a time, objectively. Am I some sort of glowing, wide-eyed, pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps eternally unrealistic optimist for thinking that people should be able to understand this concept, and look at politics without emotional attachment, and without a "you vs. me" mentality that does nothing but distort and hide the truth?? Emotional attachment only distorts a person's outlook on things, and we all do this. But, it is also possible to DETACH emotions from politics! Politics do not deserve your emotional attachment!!! Save it for people you love or your favorite sports team.

I would really like to see someone (me?) address the issue of why we haven't heard from a single Neo-Conservative about how happy they are that Obama is extending all of the illegal, un-American policies put into place by the Bush Administration. After all, this group gushed, sobbed and pleasured themselves collectively over how well these policies "protected" us during the Bush II administration. Those who criticized these illegal policies (mainly members of the "left" group) were labeled terrorists and traitors. If the Neo-Conservative assholes had any conviction whatsoever, they would be kissing Obama's multi-cultural fanny for "protecting" them with the Patriot Act, illegal wiretapping, and torture, all of which they believe to be as American as apple pie. FUCK!!!

And where are you, "liberals"? Turning a blind eye to Obama's continuation and expansion of the Bush Administration policies?? That's called DENIAL. It won't get you anywhere. The people from the "conservative" media that the "liberals" are attacking are not even worth talking about! They are cue-card reading actors who do not write any of the words they recite through the television. They are told what to say to keep the two groups fighting with each other, and all eyes off of the actual important issues. Just imagine, what would Fox News be without the people who spend their lives mocking and de-bunking it? What if everyone just acknowledged that is it nothing but Neo-Conservative propaganda, and moved on to discussing issues instead? Most of the shows on FOX are promoted mainly by it's so-called detractors and critics. Pointing out that FOX is Neo-Conservative propaganda is like pointing out that water is wet. Why focus on this? Aren't the actual issues more important?

I do admit that the "left" side of the media is starting to show signs of the honeymoon being over for Obama, and beginning to actually criticize his continuation of Bush Administration policies, as Glenn Greenwald points out here. Greenwald is a great writer, but sadly I fear that his incredible efforts go mostly unnoticed by the masses; I would guess the majority of his readers agree with him already, and just get more and more concerned with each article.

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