Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Emails To Companies: Part 1

Dear Expedia,

I am writing to you about your AM radio ad which is currently running on WEEI in Boston. I just wanted to know specifically why you changed the ad from the 1st version to the 2nd version. As you know, in the 1st version, the "husband" character (whose voice resembles Ashton Kutcher's) says to the "wife" character (not verbatim) "I've booked a trip to the City of Lights...Paris, Texas!" The joke here seems to be on the husband, who is presumably so dumb that he doesn't know the difference between Paris, Texas, a city in the country he lives in, and Paris, France, perhaps the most popular city in all of Europe. Was there an emergency re-write when the realization was made that this was a level of stupidity that bordered on surreal? In the 2nd version, the "husband" and "wife" are back, but this time the Kutcher sound-alike only makes the stupid mistake of booking the trip to Paris, Texas, when he had actually intended to book a trip to Paris, France. Just wondering if you could shed some light on what prompted you to make these changes. Thanks!


dr. holmes


"Dear Dr. Holmes,

Thank you for contacting Expedia about our advertisement.

For all advertising inquiries, please visit www.advertising.expedia.com.

If this does not answer your question or solve your problem, feel free to reply to this message or call us at 1-800-EXPEDIA.

Thank you for choosing Expedia.

Expedia Customer Service Team"

Apparently Tess determined from my email that I was trying to buy some advertising time on Expedia. Unsatisfying.


  1. can you explain the change in headline for "bizarre emails to companies" to, simply, "emails to companies"??

    i found this pretty bizarre, and thus thought the original title was perfectly appropriate.

  2. I changed it because I thought it was pointing out the obvious.