Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Text Messaging about the Bathroom Bill

Most probably did not bother to notice the recent short-lived headlines regarding the Bathroom Bill in Boston, a bill which sought to determine how public bathrooms are to be used by transvestites. This bill was nicknamed the "Tranny In The Canny" bill for this reason. Needless to say, this bill has many hilarious aspects to it, including transvestites and public bathrooms, both of which are subjects well-known to comedy writers.

During the Bathroom Bill's short-lived moment in the Boston newspaper headlines, my friend Mike and I saw an opportunity for jokes at the expense of the Bathroom Bill via text-message, which resulted in the following exchange:

5:57 PM drh
flush the bathroom bill.
7:26 PM mikeL
bathroom bill stuck on house floor.
7:31 PM drh
bathroom bill polished to a shining winter white.
8:30 PM drh
bathroom bill cuts urinal cake budget by 23%.
8:36 PM drh
bathroom bill detailed with old toothbrush and rubber gloves.
9:10 PM drh
Dame Edna supports bathroom bill.
9:40 PM mikeL
sponsored by american standard brand urinals.
9:43 PM drh
bathroom bill de-lodged with coat hanger.
11:45 drh
bathroom bill stalled.
11:47 mikeL
bathroom bill backed up in committee.
11:52 PM drh
support for bathroom bill plunging.
11:57 PM mikeL
bathroom bill doesn't pass the smell test.
12:02 AM drh
bathroom bill uses up too much paper.
12:05 AM mikeL
line forms outside hearing room as bathroom bill clogs debate on senate budget.
12:14 AM drh
urinal company lobbyist stands in support of bathroom bill.

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