Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Obama Fatigue Worsening

President Obama continues his streak of supporting and in some cases expanding the illegal policies of the bush administration. Now they are either 1) in complete cahoots with them or 2) being forced by them to say they "can't find" emails that could directly implicate members of the bush administration. That's what all of our technology has gotten us: the most powerful man in the world cannot find 8 years worth of White House e-mails. Sorry, it can't be done.

Unfortunately, Obama Fatigue will not allow me to dwell on this reality for very long. I and we, the people who voted for Obama, want a noble President who will keep his promises. Obama is intentionally mesmerizing. He has the same power a great actor has over the amazed and emotionally-comitted movie viewer; and people are prone to embrace what they see as physically appealing as also morally good.

The problem with this is it allows the people who are controlling Obama's decisions while reversing many of his campaign promises with a bush administration worthy level of I-don't-give-a-F*** what anyone says attitude to do whatever they want practically unchecked. Despite this, the Fatigue sets in and I see Obama as the smiling bartender from the "Old Barackee" skit, a man who is also a fantastic dancer. Unfortunately for all of us, THAT SHIT AIN'T THE TRUTH. Check out the news, I'm sure Obama will enforce and/or expand illegal bush adminstration policies again sooner or later.

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