Monday, September 28, 2009

Cops at G20 Protests dressed as "Anarchists"

More surreal ridiculous behavior from the Police at the G20 protests. This is an obvious indication that they are attempting to provoke peaceful protesters, and also paint them as "Anarchists", which is a code word for people who like to create violence and destruction. I am still dealing with trying to fully process what happened at these protests. Denial seems to be a comfortable place for most people.

Speaking of denial, in response to HP's comments about "When it comes to losers and trouble-makers, most Americans don't mind the cops bending the rules and/or busting heads", I agree. However, it is important to point out the reason why people do this. They assume, that because the police officer is an authority figure, and he is there to do his job, which is a noble occupation, therefore he will act in accordance with the rules and regulations set in place for the police to follow. Even if he bends the rules, he is doing so with the public's best interests at heart.

Given these assumptions, there is almost no circumstance that you could present to people who think this way (like the YouTube commenter) which would result in them not siding with the police. It is a very frightening reality to exist in when you acknowledge what the police are actually doing. There is a huge amount of false comfort in just assuming that because they are the police, they are automatically in the right when it comes to dealing with anyone who is labeled a "protester" or otherwise. These people are in denial of the fact that a police officer violating a citizen's rights is no different than anyone else doing so. And who can blame them? It's not comforting to believe that the people who "protect and serve" are also blatantly violating Americans' rights and inciting protesters to violence, even if you have videotape evidence.

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